Lake Mary Septic Systems

We specialize in septic tank-drainfield system design for new and repair permitting for residential and commercial sites in the Lake Mary area. Septic tank-drainfield systems in the Lake Mary area and all of Florida are sized based on the number of bedrooms or the living space square-footage, whichever produces the highest sewage flow. The soil itself directly affects the size and type of drainfield required. A detailed soil investigation must therefore be performed in order to obtain a system that is sized appropriately and designed to function long term.

It is important to understand that the health department personnel and septic tank contractors ARE NOT soils professionals and are routinely overly conservative in their soils interpretations especially if they’re not sure what they are looking at. This often results in a mounded drainfield or a situation where a pump is required.

A soil investigation conducted by a professional soil scientist is a requisite to obtaining a septic-tank-drainfield system that will function properly. We design conventional in-ground and mounded systems, low pressure distribution systems (LPP), aerobic treatment-drip irrigation septic systems, nitrogen reduction septic systems and nitrogen-nutrient reduction septic systems.

Let our team of soil scientists and engineers provide you a system that is designed specifically to the site and soil conditions present on your site. Our thorough knowledge of the permitting process and experience with THOUSANDS of system designs allows us to quickly identify the specific requirements of your project.

Contact us today to see how we may assist you with your system design and permitting needs.