Aerobic Treatment-Drip Irrigation Systems

Aerobic treatment-drip irrigation systems provide a high degree of treatment to the wastewater. The water that comes out of the system is odorless and colorless. If you were to hold a glass of wastewater from this type of system up to a glass of your tap water, you would be hard pressed to visually detect a difference.

Aerobic treatment-drip irrigation systems consist of a trash tank (septic tank), where the solids are retained, an aerobic treatment unit, a dose tank with pump and a dripfield. The dripfield slowly and uniformly distributes the wastewater through emitters. The dripline usually has 12 inch spacing between emitters. Timed distribution events throughout the day disperse the wastewater throughout the entire dripfield area.

Aerobic treatment-drip irrigation systems have advantages over a conventional or low pressure system. Virtually 100% reuse of wastewater is obtained. That is, almost 100% of the wastewater is recycled and applied via the drip line 6 to 9 inches below the soil surface in the root zone of plants, shrubs or grass. Whatever type of plant is placed within the area of the drip line will be completely irrigated by your treated wastewater.